We now stock and apply Puncturesafe permanent puncture prevention gel. Puncture safe is the hassle free way of looking after your tyres, preventing punctures and protecting you and your family.

This is not a “get you home” product. Puncturesafe seals punctures as they happen, providing an immediate and permanent seal – No further repairs required! Saving you the inconvenience of a punctured wheel, which always seems to strike at the worst possible time (Usually a dark, wet night when your in clean clothes, heading out to meet friends for dinner!!) Many new cars are now supplied without a spare wheel of any sort, in these cases the advantages of puncture safe are even greater.

Many punctures we see also result in a new tyre, mainly due to having to drive to a safe spot to change a wheel, damaging the tyre in the process. With puncture safe fitted the puncture instantly seals, so this is no longer an issue.

All tyres suffer from natural pressure loss over time, due to the natural porosity of the tyre. This results in underinflated tyres, causing premature tyre wear and increased fuel consumption. With puncture safe this pressure loss is greatly reduced.

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