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Lion Garage, Covid-19 situation update.

As the Covid-19 situation continues to escalate at an alarming rate, we have been constantly reviewing the situation. After many sleepless nights, we have made some very difficult decisions.

Although, technically we can continue to trade as garages are needed to keep key workers on the road, the reality of the situation is that people in key worker rolls make up a very small percentage of our customers. With this in mind, continuing to trade under this pretence would be extremely irresponsible. Despite taking extensive measures to reduce the risk of transmission, continuing to trade could still contribute to the spread of the virus.

So as of this evening (24th March), we will be closing the doors until further notice. Hopefully this will be short term, but at this stage there is no way of knowing. We will be reviewing the situation constantly, so please check back regularly if you require some work to be done.

I’m aware that this may cause inconvenience for some, but rest assured, this is a decision that has been extremely difficult to make, the business that my family and I, have worked so hard to build, the business that supports my family, may well face severe difficulties after these uncertain times. However, my priority is the health of the general public, my family and everyone else’s family. We need to act immediately to reduce the spread of this virus, to minimise suffering and deaths and reduce burden on the NHS, to allow them to offer the care that is needed.

As the number of UK cases starts to track the Italian trend almost identically, it’s become obvious that it’s going to take desperate measures to slow the spread and beat this. There will be difficult times and inconvenience, but we are all in this together and we must all do our bit.

If any of our REGULAR CUSTOMERS WHO ARE KEY WORKERS have car related emergencies, please call 01497 820586 or message us via the Lion Garage Facebook page and we will do our best to get you back on the road where possible. If you are not a Key worker, stay at home as instructed, we will sort it when things return to normal.

If the general public take notice of the “lockdown” status, their car usage should dramatically drop for at least the next few weeks and there should be a massive reduction in the need for services and general repairs.

Stay safe everyone, follow the guidelines and don’t underestimate the effect your actions will have.

Many thanks.

Steve Gittins.

Hope to see you all on the other side.