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In common with the majority of reputable garages, we are unable to fit parts sourced and supplied by the customer.


As a professional repairer, legally, if we fit any part we are deeming it fit for purpose. This means, that we are also liable for any warranty issues arising from any parts failures. If a part that we supply fails, we would claim from the supplier or our insurance company for any damages. If we have not purchased the parts we have no contract with the supplier, and therefore are unable to claim from the manufacturer. It is a requirement of our insurance company that we have traceability of all parts fitted, (I.e sales invoices to us, from our supplier) and they will not cover any failures that do not have the relevant paper trail.

Failure of even relatively minor parts can result in massive repair bills, a simple spark plug, glow plug or oil filter issue could result in catastrophic engine damage and high cost repairs. Steering and suspension components, tyres and brakes can not only result in further damage, but are also safety critical parts. I’m sure you can see why we are not able to fit parts supplied by the customer and how it leaves us open to all sorts of potential issues.

Provenance and part quality go hand in hand with the above. Even the highest quality parts are subject to low quality copies. Recently customs seized a large shipment of counterfeit wheel bearings and oil filters which were destined for some of the popular, discount online parts suppliers. The packaging and appearance of which was indistinguishable from the same item, made by some of the highest quality manufactures. However the materials and manufacturing process were found to be inferior. If we cannot guarantee the origin of the parts, we cannot guarantee the part, but would still be legally responsible in the event of a failure. Waivers and disclaimers are not legally binding.

Profit!! No it’s not a dirty word. To remain in business , providing a high quality service, and keeping abreast of current developments in automotive technology we need to pay the bills, as does every other business. We have wages, bills, rates, insurance, equipment investment, data access, training and ongoing reinvestment. The list of running expenses is endless. Our labour rates and parts mark-up don’t happen by accident, they are carefully calculated to cover business expenses, and also allow for us to re-invest. If we are not able to make some profit on the parts, our labour rate would have to increase.