DPF Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel Particulate filter cleaning

If your car is equipped with a Diesel Particulate filter, here are a few helpful tips, to keep the system operating correctly.

  • DO NOT ignore any warning lights or running problems. Any problems with your engine could cause the particulate filter to block prematurely or inhibit regeneration (management of the soot level) The sooner this is addressed, the greater the chances of the particulate filter being saved.
  • If you are planning a long journey, then adding a trusted DPF additive to your fuel tank can help regenerations. Beware, not all additives are created equal and some may cause excessive DPF temperatures. Always follow the instructions on the bottle and NEVER increase the dosage. If in doubt, We or any other member of the DPF doctor network can supply a safe and effective in tank additive.
  • If your DPF light is illuminated, go for a steady drive at 50-60mph for over 20 miles. Avoid harsh accelerations and maintain a steady cruising speed.
  • If the DPF light does not go out after a steady drive, or starts to come on frequently, Call a member of the DPF doctor network.
  • Keep your vehicle well maintained.
  • Check your oil level regularly, ensure you are using the correct specification for your car and contact a member of the DPF doctor network if the level is rising.
  • Use premium quality fuel.
  • Avoid running your vehicle low on fuel. Many vehicles will disable regeneration below 1/4 of a tank.
  • Schedule a regular journey of over 20 miles at motorway speeds.


It is very rare for a Particulate filter to need to be replaced, in almost every instance, there is an underlying fault which results in blockage of the particulate filter. We often see filters which have been replaced needlessly, only to have the fault return, due to not having diagnosed the real issue correctly. If you find yourself in need of assistance with any Diesel Particulate Filter issues we can help. Lion Garage is an accredited member of the DPF Doctor Network, this means we have the Skills, Knowledge, tooling and support necessary, to get your car fixed correctly and efficiently.


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